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Flexible Working

Working for USTCi gives you the freedom to set your work schedule. You have ownership over your time and the flexibility to work in the way that best suits you.  There’s noone looking over your shoulder, watching your every move to make sure you complete your work.  

However, with that freedom comes responsibility. 

Take Ownership

Our field-based sales and marketing positions require you to spend the majority of your time “in the field” – out at your assigned apartment communities building relationships with property staff and residents.  You have daily expectations to meet in terms of how many communities to visit.  You are required to host at least two to three* face-to-face marketing events each week.  You also have sales goals that you are expected to achieve.

While there may be some meetings you are required to attend, you have the freedom to schedule the majority of your property visits and events in a way that suits your lifestyle.  You can do the school run first thing in the morning and then head out to visit your property staff.  You can keep your Wednesday evenings free for your weekly date night.  You take responsibility for scheduling your time, managing what’s expected of you and hitting your goals.


If you work in Retail, Hospitality or an office environment, your manager can see when you arrive, whether or not you’re working or if you need help.  If you have a question you can usually just walk over and ask.

At USTCi, you are in a remote situation so communication is key.  Because we don’t see you in person on a daily basis, you need to keep in touch.  If an unexpected emergency arises, let your manager know.  If you have questions or don’t know how to do something, don’t be afraid to reach out.  USTCi has a suite of communication tools available so you can easily get hold of your manager or other team members – learn how to use them effectively.

Create Trust

Owning your performance builds trust between you and your manager.  We don’t like to micro-manage – we want our Associates to do what they were hired to do.  Show us you have what it takes to succeed by knowing what’s expected of you and taking responsibility for achieving those goals.  In return, you will enjoy freedom and flexibility. 

If you are self-managed and self-motivated, able to complete your work activities appropriately and hit your goals, you will enjoy a long and productive career with USTCi.  

*varies by program

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