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Spring Is In The Air!

The temperatures are climbing, spring flowers are blooming and that can only mean one thing – Moving Season is on the way!  On average more than 40 million people move home each year with 80% of those moves occurring between April and September.

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Why is That Important?

As a USTCI Sales Representative for Verizon, your primary responsibility is to build relationships with property staff in local residential communities.  Having a great relationship with each of your Property Managers, Leasing Managers and Maintenance Supervisors enables you to build a strong pipeline of new residents moving into your communities.  

Moving time can be stressful for people.  There are a lot of things to take care of – from the search for a new home to the packing and moving of possessions to setting up utilities.  You help make each of those moves a little easier by guiding new residents to the most appropriate Internet, TV and Phone package for their needs and arranging for services to be available as they pick up their new keys. 

Typically, we encounter three types of residents moving into our communities:

Those who are moving into their first home

For example, students moving into college accommodation.  This will be the first time they have had to set up services and are more likely to need a dedicated Sales Representative to walk them through the process.

Those who move from a home where Verizon services are not available

Our Sales Representatives are on hand to explain the features and benefits that Verizon Fios or Verizon 5G Home Internet offer over their current provider and ensure a smooth transition.

Those who already have Verizon services

Moving time is a great opportunity to review existing services and ensure they still meet the resident’s needs. What might have been sufficient for someone living alone might not be appropriate when they move in with a partner and need to support an increased number of devices.

For each type of move, you are there to offer a great customer experience.  Demonstrating your professionalism and reliability will build your reputation and lead to even more referrals.

With so many people moving, Spring is a great time to kickstart sales.  If you have been considering a new career, now is the time join the USTCi team.  We are hiring Field Sales Representatives for the Verizon 5G Home Internet and Verizon Fios programs.  Come on board today and before long you will be taking full advantage of Moving Season. 

Check out our open sales positions and submit your resume for consideration.

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